29 Hair Styles That Make You Look Older

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One Bauer

To most, a good haircut can be life changing! Arguably, a bad one can either make or break your goal at achieving a better version of yourself. You cut it, color and coif it, but there is more to hair than a style statement. Conversely, the right one can shed years off your face or make you look older. Whatever your personal statement is at the moment, fashions come and go but a few hair fashions stand the test of time. Whether you wear your hair long or short, light or dark, straight or curly does not matter if the right style suits your appearance and personality. Sometimes, it takes courage and conviction to follow your own taste but expressing your individuality is always worth it.
Then again, what is the point of spending heftily on a new hairstyle if it does not bring out your best features, right?
Read on: Here is a list of hairstyle to avoid when you do not want to look older.