VIDEO | You Have Been Putting Band-Aids On Wrong Your Entire Life!

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Now this is a nifty little video showing how many of us have been putting Band-Aids on wrong our entire life! 

This video shows us how to correctly put a Band-Aid on our finger. We have all done it and we I can guarantee we have all had the same result. The Band-Aid usually just slips right off the finger after a few hours. Well, with this ‘new’ method of putting on a Band-Aid…it will never slip off again! 

You simply take the Band-Aid, make a small cut down the middle on each side. When you place the Band-Aid on you finger, instead of just flapping over the adhesive part…you crisscross the sticky pieces in which you had just cut.

Check out the video below! It is rather genius! 

You've been applying band-aid wrong

You've been applying band-aid wrong, haven't you???

Posted by 5-Minute Crafts on Thursday, March 30, 2017


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