Freddy The 7-Foot Great Dane Is The Tallest Dog In The World

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Meet Freddy the Great Dane! This massive boy has officially taken the title of the world’s tallest dog, and as a result, has recently received a Guinness World Records certificate to seal the deal.

Claire Stoneman, Freddy’s owner always knew that Freddy would grow up to be super tall, but she never fathomed that he would grow to be the tallest dog in the world! She is definitely one proud dog mom!

Freddy is a whopping 7 feet 6 inches tall and he is very intimidating to other dogs and people. So Claire gets up super early, daily and walks Freddy, to ensure that there are not too many people or other dogs out and about.


In reality, Freddy isn’t scary at all! It is just a true gentle giant who loves napping on the sofa and cuddling with his family! Freddy is also a devoted brother to his sister, Fleur. Claire often posts photos and videos of the brother and sister duo on their dedicated Instagram page.

As one would imagine, Freddy and his sister cost a pretty penny as they eat a ton of food! But both pups are worth every penny according to Claire, they are her babies! And after all, Freddy is Guinness World Record holder!