Hyundai Comes Out With New Sonata Hybrid, An Eco-Friendly Vehicle With A Solar Roof Charging System

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The first car featuring a solar roof charging system is finally being launched by Hyundai Motor Company.

This innovative and eco-friendly technology will give the vehicle an increased driving range, fuel efficiency and additional electrical power.

This roof charging system can be found on the New Sonata Hybrid which supports the electrical power source of the vehicle, while reducing CO2 emissions during driving. This will include silicon solar panels that can be found on the car’s roof, that can be charged while driving. The roof system can charge up to 60% of its battery on a daily basis.


If charged for six hours a day, there is an expectancy of 1,300 kilometres (800 miles) increased travel distance per year.

This system is made up of a solar panel and controller. When the sun’s energy hits the panel’s surface, electricity is produced and converted by using photons of light from the sun. This will then create electron-hole pairs in the silicon cells, that will ultimately generate the solar electricity.

Using the controller, this electricity will be converted to the standard voltage needed, and stored in the battery. While this is a great help in lessening CO2 emissions, it also opens up the world of possibilities for vehicles to no longer need fossil fuels to work.


This latest smart solution is an advancement to the vehicle industry for a more sustainable future in sight.

“Solar roof technology is a good example of how Hyundai Motor is moving towards becoming a clean mobility provider. The technology allows our customers to actively tackle emissions issue. We are striving to further expand the application of the technology beyond eco-friendly vehicle line up to vehicles with internal combustion engine,” said Heui Won Yang, Senior Vice President and Head of Body Tech Unit of Hyundai Motor Group.

The New Sonata Hybrid is now available in Korea and will soon hit the North American markets. Hyundai does not have plans of making this model available to the European market just yet.



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