Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time

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Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time AwesomeJelly

Watch as this 7-year-old bull terrier foster dog experiences being on a bed for the very first time. Her reaction is priceless!

When someone decides to adopt a neglected or abandoned pet, their stay in the new home is full of luxuries they have never experienced before. Love and affection aside, they get to sleep in proper beds and eat proper food, something that they probably didn’t know existed until that moment.

These dogs have been denied proper care, regular meals and shelter, even the occasional trip to the vet and those lovely stays at the park. So don’t be surprised when your adopted furbaby starts zooming and running in circles with happiness when you give them their first treat or show them their new, soft bed!

That is exactly what this dog felt like doing when her foster parents let her on the bed for the first time! She was so beside herself, that she felt like frolicking in the soft covers on her adopted parents’ bed.