This High School Superintendent Has Decided to Donate His $10,000 Performance Bonus To His Graduating Students And Their College Application

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This public school system superintendent is truly one of a kind. Instead of keeping his first $10,000 bonus, he has decided to use this money to pay for his high school students college application fees.

Grant Rivera has been the superintendent of Marietta School District located in Georgia since 2016. This 44-year-old said that he gains a bonus at every three year interval as long as he gains satisfactory performance reviews.

Instead of using it for personal gain, Rivera has decided to donate his bonus to the Marietta Schools Foundation to help his graduating students apply to their colleges of choice before the application deadlines.


River mentioned to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that:

“I don’t believe that a bonus provided by the board should be earned on the backs of the teachers. My hope is that it’s an incentive for kids to do the right thing.”

Out of the 500 high school students belonging to the graduating class, the superintendent is estimating that around 150 to 200 of them will go through with the applications to college.

If the fees of the students that have decidedly applied go over his donation of $10,000, Rivera is willing to pay separately out of his own pocket to cover all additional expenses. If, on the other hand, the expenses amount to less than his hefty donation, then the funds will be used in the financing of college bus tours within Georgia.



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