If You Have Ever Worked In A Restaurant You MUST See These Hilarious Videos

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If you have ever worked or work in a restaurant you will absolutely love the videos below.

The Restaurant is a comedic web series on Youtube that follows a group of servers and bartenders around who work in the Chicago service industry.

The clips are absolutely hilarious and more so if you have ever worked in the service industry. The group touches upon just about every part of the social restaurant scene that workers find absolutely annoying and at times comical.

We will start you out with the 5th episode in their series because it is probably the best one in our opinion. There is some vulgar language so if you are unable to handle a few f-bombs, i’d just click one of the other fine articles to your right to enjoy!





To check out more of The Restaurant episodes CLICK HERE! & Share this post with your friends and family who will understand the struggle that is working in a restaurant!



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