Man Donates His Home To A Homeless Single Mother Of Four

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Felicia Dukes, a single mother of four had fallen on hard times. Living paycheck to paycheck, Dukes and her four children lost their home and were forced to live in a homeless shelter. Dukes was only able to get her 3 youngest children into the shelter as her eldest son was 18 and was not allowed to stay in the shelter. Dukes was unsure of where the road she was on would lead her but she was no doubt, working hard and doing the best she could to take care of her children. Then something happened.

Enter Tony Tolbert, a very successful lawyer and UCLA lecturer who’s life has been good to him. Growing up, Tony’s father was always helping others, “I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t someone in need, staying in our home.” Tony states.

Now as an adult, Tony wanted to give back, and so he decided to donate his entire home, as well as assistance with the bills for one year to Miss Dukes. Tony’s three bedroom and two bath home was given to a woman he barely knew. His kind gesture was his way of giving her a chance at a fresh start…and Dukes could not be any more grateful.

Awesome gesture Tony! The world can learn a lot from people like you:-)


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