Watching This Guy Get Stuck In Quicksand Will Give You a Panic Attack

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Is it possible to escape quicksand? National Geographic’s Jonny Phillips tried to answer that question by getting himself stuck waist deep in quicksand as an incoming tide looms near.

Watching Phillips sink rapidly into the quicksand is enough to give anyone a panic attack. Within 8 minutes, Phillips is up to his waist in quicksand, his legs are immobile and stuck solid. If Phillips wiggles or moves he will only sink further and faster.

As Phillips realizes he can’t escape the suction of the quicksand alone he himself has a moment or two of panic. Luckily the coast guard is there to aid Phillips and rescue him from the hellish position he had got himself into. It wasn’t easy to rescue him however, it took three men, special equipment and quite a bit of time to remove Phillips completely from the quicksand’s incredible hold.

I couldn’t imagine being all alone and stuck in quicksand. It would appear that if you were ever in this position, there is a very good chance that you just might not make it out alive.


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