In Case You Missed It: David Letterman’s Final Show Highlights

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Just in case you missed it!

Last nights final Late Show with David #Letterman was wonderfully done. If you are like me, you have been with Dave for nearly his entire career as the Late Show host. You didn’t have to watch him every night, you didn’t even have to love him, but you have to respect him, like him and there will certainly be a void in the world as you flip through late night TV and you don’t see or hear Dave come through your set.

Last night Dave said goodbye to a long, lucrative, successful and fulfilling career. During the taping, Dave spoke casually, real and said many, many thanks to this friends, family, co-workers and fans. Dave often gave more credit to his staff for the success of the show, rather than take the credit himself.

His top ten list was filled with some of the World’s biggest stars and personal friends of Letterman’s, all whom clearly have a special passion for the Late Show and Letterman himself.

The final musical guest was a special one. The Foo Fighter’s performed per Dave’s request. Dave stated that years prior, when he endured open heart surgery, the Foo Fighter’s held a special place in his heart as one of their songs helped him get through those tough times. The Foo Fighter’s had even cancelled their tour all those years back, just to play at Dave’s request on his return to the Late Show episode.

It surely has a surreal moment as Dave introduced his final musical act and muttered those words “Goodnight and Thank You” for the very last time. Thank you Dave, for the many years of entertainment, joy, laughter and awesomeness.

The introduction of Dave seem to take forever and it was great to witness. The cheers from the crowd just kept going and going and going!


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