This Super Cool Bike Camper Is A Pedal-Powered RV For One

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This RV does it a little differently – as you’ll notice it’s completely human powered, about half the size of a normal cab-over camper, and it’s completely emission free. Designed by Boston-based artist Kevin Cyr, the Camper Bike is both a fully functioning RV and the subject of a number of Cyr’s amazing paintings.

bike camper4

Cyr constructed this/Attached to a burly tricycle frame made to haul goods, the cab-over easily sits on the back platform. Like a turtle shell this camper goes anywhere the owner can bike it. The camper’s interior features small and efficient appliances as well as a place to sleep and storage.

bike camper2

Cyr’s Camper is also the subject of a number of his paintings, which feature RVs, delivery vans, ice cream trucks, beat up old trucks and motorcycles. About his work, Cyr says, “In this particular series, I commemorate commercial vehicles inundated with graffiti and rust, working vehicles, and well-traveled recreational vehicles.

bike camper3

I find that there is so much character in old delivery trucks and vans — especially when covered with graffiti — and in the old RVs parked in someone’s yard off a main road. Removing them from their everyday context gives them portrait-like importance. I paint with devoted attention to every imperfection and sign of age.”

bike camper1

Pretty sure I need one of these in my life! How cool is this thing???

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