Man Sues James Cameron Claiming ‘Jack’ From The Titanic Was Based On Him

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Well isn’t this an interesting story.

James Cameron stole the life story of a Florida man who worked in the yacht industry and used it for the lead character of “Titanic” … according to his lawsuit anyways.

Stephen Cummings claims he’s the inspiration for Jack Dawson — played by Leo DiCaprio. According to the lawsuit, Cameron learned about Cummings through word of mouth about events that took place in Brevard County in 1988 and ’89.

Seems a little fishy…well…just wait.

The ex-“yacht master” also says the depiction of the Titanic sinking was not based on history by any means, but instead based on stories he told friends about two of his relatives who were aboard the real sinking ship. And as if you didn’t already guess — the wife survived, the husband did not.

There were 1,517 souls were lost that dreadful night in 1912 … so one would imagine there are more than a few similar stories.

Cummings wants $300 million … plus one percent of royalties.