Reporter Knocks Down Students 12,000 Block Jenga ‘Leaning Tower Of Pisa’ Replica

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This video may be nearly 7-years-old…but for some strange reason it is just now gaining traction on Youtube. 

In the video, a reporter is interviewing a college student who created a massive ‘Leaning Tower Of Pisa’ replica out of 12,000 Jenga blocks. The project took the student two solid weekends to construct and he is quite proud of his feat! 

Check it out below…the reporter seems quite nonchalant about the whole situation! 

leaning tower of pisa Jenga

As the reporter starts to walk around the sculpture to speak with the student…his microphone cord nearly takes out the sculpture. The student, nervous…lets the reporter know to watch his mic cord. 

After the brief interview…the reporter continues walking around the sculpture and totally forgets he is toting his mic cord with him. The cord causes the sculpture to crash in just mere seconds…and the student is beyond upset! 


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