Girls Claims To Be Justin Bieber And Causes Chaos In Costa Rica

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Justin Bieber Prank Costa Rica

Justin Bieber was headed to Costa Rica and one young lady (Krizz Solano) decided to pull a prank on all of the Costa Rican ‘Beliebers’! 

Krizz dressed up like Justin Bieber and she totally nailed the look. She even had two ‘security’ guards follow her around…and some kid groupies in on the prank. 

The prank takes place in a local mall and almost immediately people start to flock, take pictures and ask for autographs. Within minutes…there is absolute chaos and a team of ‘real’ security guards needs to step in. 

It’s hard to imagine that this is daily life for someone as famous as Justin Bieber. Craziness!

Check out how it went below! 


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