Mark Your Calendars, Because McDonald’s Is Bringing Back The McRib

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This is the first time that the McRib will be available nationwide…since 2012!

The McDonald’s McRib sandwich was one of the most popular fast food items ever sold to the public and when McDonald’s discontinued the sandwich back in 2012 — people freaked out with disappointment. But McDonald’s knows that 2020 has been a horrific year for many and that it’s time to bring a little joy back in people’s lives. And of course, that joy will come in the form of a rib patty smacked in the middle of two pieces of bread.

The McRib is released from time to time in various locations, but it hasn’t been brought back at all restaurants since 2012.


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thy McRib shall returneth 12.2

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As you can see from McDonald’s Instagram mic drop above…the McRib sandwich will be returning to all restaurant menu’s across America on December 2nd, 2020.

So get ready!