New York Man Falls Through Sidewalk Into Rat-Filled Sinkhole

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Talk about a complete nightmare!

Leonard Shoulders was casually walking to the bus stop in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, when the unexpected happened. As people stood around waiting for the bus stop, a hole in the ground opened up.

Shoulders, 33 — fell into it.

Mind blown and frightened bystanders who rushed to the edge of the hole faced a disgusting and crazy sight: Shoulders had dropped 12 to 15 feet into an underground vault filled with rats.

“Rats crawling on him, he can’t move,” his brother, Greg White, told CBS New York. “He didn’t want to yell because he was afraid there were going to be rats inside his mouth.”

It took fire and rescue personnel roughly 30-minutes to get Shoulders out of the hole. So that means, Shoulders was stuck with rats crawling all over him…in a dark hole…for a half hour! YUCK!

Cindy White, Shoulders’ mother, told NBC New York: “He’s traumatized. He said he went straight down, and he was falling, falling, but the debris was falling and hitting him in the head.”

Shoulders was taken to the hospital after removed from the hole, where he was in stable condition.