Venomous Snake Hiding In Pile Of Toys Bites Tennessee Toddler, Father Goes Into Full Protective Mode

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Kate Gardner Foust recently created a Facebook post explaining that her 19-month-old baby, Emmy Joe, was bitten in the ankle by a copperhead snake and had to be rushed to an emergency room.

Basically, she was detailing a parent’s nightmare.

“(The snake was) hiding right beside our back door with her toys,” Foust wrote in her Oct. 14 post.

“We were both hoping it was a (nonvenomous) chicken snake but when (her husband) Logan went back and moved the toys, his heart immediately dropped into his stomach. … When asked at the hospital what Logan killed it with, he said he didn’t even know. The first thing he saw. Adrenaline was kicking,” she wrote.

Copperhead venom rarely causes death in humans, but children “may have strong reactions to the venom,” according to LiveScience. Symptoms can include “shock, low blood pressure (and) weakness,” according to Healthline.

A babysitter was in the home at the time of the bite and found the snake after the girl “started screaming,” according to WSMV. “She was vomiting, just in a lot of pain,” Foust told the station. Emmy Joe spent the next two days in a hospital.

Once the babysitter found the snake, Logan killed it. Photos of the dead snake accompanied the Facebook post. When the hospital asked how Logan killed the snake, he had no clue how had killed it as his adrenaline was pumping like crazy!

The family shared photos of the girl’s leg on Facebook, showing it swollen and bruised. They also posted a photo of the dead snake, which appeared to be about 2.5-feet long.

My Precious 19 month old Emmy Joe was bit by this copperhead. Hiding right beside our back door with her toys. Many of…

Posted by Kate Gardner Foust on Wednesday, October 14, 2020