VIDEO | This Is Why You Don’t Exit Your Vehicle While Stopped At A Red Light

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It’s a simple error, an oversight that many have made and will continue to make time and time again — forgetting to close the gas cap after filling up a car. I know for a fact that I’ve done it before. However, when you realize you have left it open, always wait until you’ve found a good, safe place to pull over. Don’t get out at a traffic light to fix it, like this woman did last week.

An SUV had left a Costco in Burlington, Washington, on August 9, and the driver had forgotten to put the cap back on after filling up. Fortunately, the matter was brought to her attention by the motorist next to her when they were stopped at an intersection. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t stop to think about it not being the most opportune time to try to fix the problem.

Watch as the woman gets out of her car and begins to screw the cap back in before she realizes there is a major problem: she neglected to put the car in “park,” or to put on her handbrake, for that matter. Her car begins to roll forward, dragging her with it, and the rear wheel runs over both of her legs!

The motorist that had alerted her about the gas cap goes to check on her while another woman tries to chase down her SUV, but to no avail. The car continues to gain momentum until it crashes into a tree in front of Starbucks.

Amazingly, the woman was unharmed. She simply gets up and dusts herself off, more concerned about her car. Watch the whole scenario unravel from another motorist’s dash cam.

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