Bryan Cranston Confirms It…He Wants To Play Walter White Again!

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If you are a Breaking Bad fan there is no doubt you have divulged in the new Better Call Saul series. The series has taken off and is quickly becoming another sensational television hit created by the masterful writer and director Vince Gilligan. 



Better Call Saul is lacking one thing however….Jesse Pinkman and Walter White! Image if the two made a comeback on BCS, the ratings would soar and fans would go absolutely nuts! I know I would!


Well folks, we may be in luck! Bryan Crantston aka Walter White has expressed that he would love to play his hardcore, meth making character again on Better Call Saul! 

Here’s what Cranston’s said:

I would like to be part of [Better Call Saul]. Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad changed my life. They presented me with opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I am very grateful for that. So yes, if Vince Gilligan called me today and told me: ‘I want you to be in Better Call Saul’, I would say yes before he could finish asking me! It hasn’t happened yet though. We’ll just have to see how things go. I love this series. And I’m really lucky with how great it all went for me.”



Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman has also expressed interest in making a comeback! Again, if you are fans of Breaking Bad you already know now meaningful the show was to both Cranston and Paul!

Lets just hope Vince Gilligan makes the call!

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