Nintendo Is FINALLY Bringing Mario Kart To Your Mobile Phone

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Mario Kart will be racing to a phone near you — very soon!

The Mario Kart Tour app will be available in just a few weeks – September 25th to be exact – on both IOS and Android devices.

This mobile take on the classic Mario-themed racer that got its start all the way back on the Super Nintendo will let you (and your online friends) race through familiar Mario Kart tracks as well as some that look like real-world locations based on Tokyo, New York, and more — all the while hurling items at each other and jockeying for position.

There will also be a series of “special in-game courses” that will be available during specific time periods at launch and beyond. Characters will get special gear for participating in these courses in the form of unlockable karts, gliders, and new racers as well.

How to pre-register for Mario Kart Tour:

Interested in jumping into Mario Kart Tour as soon as it’s available? Players can jump into the free-to-start game as soon as it’s available on September 25 on iOS and Android by pre-registering now. You must have a Nintendo Account to play the game, which is free to sign up for via the official account creation page.

Once you’ve signed up for a Nintendo Account, you can head over to the Google Play Store to hit the “pre-register” button to be notified as soon as the game is available to install on your device. For iOS users, there’s a “Pre-order” option on the official App Store page to automatically install the game when it debuts later in September as well.

Sadly, pre-registration will not allow you play the game early, however, it does mean that your phone will be ready to play the game the moment the app is available in app stores!