Usain Bolt Defends His ‘Fastest Man Alive’ Title Against James Corden And Owen Wilson

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A voiceover announces the race: They will be running through the parking lot where The Price Is Right staff members park their cars. The race will include Usain Bolt (gold medal winner and “Fastest Man in the World”), James Corden (late night television host who spends the majority of his day sitting), and various non-athletic members of the show’s staff. Oh, and Owen Wilson.

The competitors line up, ready to run. The race announcer begins, “On your marks, get set…” and Owen Wilson breaks free of the crowd with a false start. The other racers boo.

They line up again, and this time the race gets going. Within seconds, Usain Bolt is so far ahead that other runners are out of the frame.

After practically jogging to the finish line, Bolt wins seconds ahead of his competitors. James Corden finishes strong in 20th place and Owen Wilson makes excuses about his performance.

Usain Bolt has proven, once again, that he truly is the fastest man in the world.


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