Little Girl Trying To Play Original ‘Gameboy’ By Swiping Shows How Different Kids Are Today

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little girl gameboy swiping

This is an adorable video that is currently trending at No. 3 on Youtube.

Chris Cohoon recently shared a video of his daughter trying to play an original Gameboy from the 1990’s. The little girl is incredibly confused as to how she should be operating the Gameboy. She tries to swipe right and left on the screen in order to make something happen, but nothing is happening. She certainly doesn’t seem very impressed with the technology which makes up the Gameboy!

Now of course we can never fault this little girl for her inability to understand how a Gameboy works, but it simply goes to show how things have changed over the years and how kids perceive things. If there is a screen…it is probably meant to be swiped!

None the less…it is an adorable short video!