Normal Barbie Will Help Make Girls Feel Good About Their Bodies

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Sorry, Barbie, but there’s a new doll in town, and she has measurements that actually exist on a human body. Lammily is a 19-year-old girl who can have tattoos, freckles, stretch marks, and broken bones like the rest of us. Lammily creator Nickolay Lamm is on a mission to show young children that average is beautiful. No longer do we have to give our children dolls with impossible body proportions. Whether you like it or not, handing a child a Barbie is like handing them a bundle of body issues they’ll have to carry throughout their life.

Lammily and friends.

Lammily marks: stickers you can put on the doll to make her seem more realistic.

Lammily with cellulite.

Lammily with tattoos.

Some more ink.

Lammily owning her stretch marks.

Staying fit.


Lammily showing off her birthmark.

Lammily getting ready for the slopes.

Lammily and her broken arm.

Lammily refusing to let a little break out get in the way of her fun.

Lammily nursing her wound.

For more information on Lammily, watch the video below.

(via Lammily, H/T BoredPanda)

These dolls are pretty revolutionary, and hopefully spark an important conversation. If you’re interested in purchasing a Lammily doll, check out the website.