Scientists Captured Pictures of Snowflakes With A Microscope And They’re Amazing

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Think back to your days as a child. Did your teachers or parents ever call you a “special snowflake?” If they did, they meant that you were unique and beautiful, just like a snowflake. Most kids probably just took their parents’ word for it. However, they should have realized what kind of compliment being called a snowflake is.

Scientists at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland captured some amazing pictures of snowflakes that show how intricate, complex their unique structures are. Special snowflakes is right.

These scientists used the latest technology to get these amazing high definition pictures of snowflakes.

The images they captured are absolutely stunning.

Scientists had to use a powerful microscope in order to get these photographs – apparently the microscope was placed in -170C temperatures.

The researchers wanted to study the structures of the snowflakes to determine how they impact ecosystems.

Not only was this study helpful with the scientists’ research, but it also produced some gorgeous photos of the snowflakes’ crystalline structures.

Some of these photos are breathtaking. Thanks science!


It certainly is crazy to think how many millions of these little unique ice crystals fall every time it snows.