Oprah Tells Ellen About The Time She Went To The Bank To Deposit $1M Just For Fun

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Oprah Ellen Show Me More

Ellen has put together a new Youtube series called ‘Show Me More’, where she and a guest answer questions about themselves. In the episode below, Oprah joins Ellen and hilariously answers questions about their likes and dislikes.

At the end of the video, Ellen asks Oprah what her ATM pin number is and naturally she doesn’t have a clue as to what it is. One can imagine that both Ellen and and Oprah have people who manage their money for them. The topic then turned to banking when Oprah asked Ellen when the last time she went into a physical bank. Ellen states that it was years ago when she excitedly deposited $5,000.

Ellen than asks Oprah the same question and that’s when Oprah claims she was recently inside a bank and hasn’t been since 1988. Ellen asked what she was doing in the bank and Oprah said she waited in line to deposit a check for $1,000,000 just for fun. A few moments later, she confessed to Ellen it was actually a $2,000,000 check!

Dare to dream!