Morgan Freeman Offers Advice On Staying Fit And Having High Energy After 80

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morgan freeman advice

I can’t believe that Morgan Freeman is 80! What? Where has the time gone? Ugh!

The man has had an incredible career and he doesn’t have plans of stopping that career any time soon. Freeman has also directed films himself, gotten certified as a pilot, keeps freaking bees as a hobby, and goes sailing in the Caribbean at least once a year.

From Driving Miss Daisy to Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman is an actor that simply can’t be replaced. His slow, drawn out deep narrative voice has made him one of the most recognizable people in the world. So at 80 years old…how does one keep on keeping on? Well, Freeman offered a little advice while speaking with reporters about his new role in National Geographic’s The Story of Us premiering October 2017.

morgan freeman advice

Soure | BBC

“I have work to do. Keeping busy is one thing. It had a lot to do with eating, where your energy levels are,” he says. “I eat as seldom as I can. If they made a pill, I’d just take the pill. I wouldn’t bother with the other stuff. I take a handful of vitamins and supplements in the morning and wash it down with an antioxidant drink.”

Source | Business Insider

The advice seems simple and to the point! I would imagine that when Freeman does eat, it’s healthy, light food so he doesn’t get bogged down! Fueling your body with the right type of foods and drink can make you unstoppable!