Ryanair Passenger Chokes Out Disruptive Flyer And The Whole Plane Cheers!

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An older Ryanair passenger has become something of a hero after choking out an annoying 22-year-old man in an adjacent seat and the whole incident was caught on film.

According to a witness who spoke with The Sun, the disruptive, drunk passenger had been “making a nuisance of himself” during the entire two-hour flight from Spain to England, and continued to do so after the plane landed at the Luton airport just outside of London.

The passengers and flight crew had clearly had enough of the man, however their frustration level was clearly not as high as the man who decided to choke the intoxicated man out! 

As flight crews were trying to remove the annoying man, another passenger stepped in and took matters into his own hands, literally. The older man applied a very effective choke hold and the drunk man went to sleep long enough for the crew to remove him from the plane. As the man slowly passed out, the plane erupted in cheers.