Sweden’s Giant Snow Penis Was Erased… So This Man Created An Even Bigger One

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The good thing is, no one can get offended by the penis as it can’t be seen from the ground.

The giant snow penis can not and will not be stopped!

Emilian Sava, one of the workers who had to clear a giant snow penis from a park in Sweden, felt so guilty about the act of phallic vandalism that he erected his own giant snow schlong, according to The Local.

This may be the largest display of penis envy…ever!

The original penis was carved into the snow over a frozen moat in Kungsparken (King’s Park) in the city of Gothenburg. It quickly aroused complaints from members of the community.

Since the ice was unstable, they needed a giant tool to erase the penis:


Now there’s a new penis in Gothenburg — created with a snowblower by Sava — and this one is so big that it’s hard to complain about.

“No one can get offended by the penis. It can’t be seen from the ground,” Sava told regional newspaper GT, according to The Local.

The new penis is indeed best appreciated from above:

penis snowblower

If you are offended by this snow penis, please don’t be a dick about it! 

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