Teen Shatters U.S. Records With 125 College Offers and Over $9M In Scholarships

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Hard work pays off and for one teen – it paid off so well, that he can pretty much attend any college in the country he wants…for free.

New Orleans high school senior Darrin Francois has set a new national record by receiving over $9 million in scholarship offers from colleges across the United States.

The 18-year-old International High School of New Orleans student has been accepted into 83 colleges and universities so far, marking an impressive milestone in his educational journey.

Darrin Francois, who maintains a 4.7 GPA and serves as class president and is a part of numerous school clubs and sports. He credits his success to hard work and the love and support from his mother and school.

His mother, Bridgette Francois, has been a driving force behind his success. She instilled in him the importance of education from an early age and encouraged him to excel academically. The proud mother expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunities presented to her son, emphasizing the significance of the support and guidance provided by the IHSNO staff.