This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get Hit By Lightning

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Every year about 300 people get hit by lightening, with 10% of those cases being fatal. Every wonder what would happen to you if you did get hit by a large bold of electricity from the sky? Well, we have some answers to that question below. 


Just before someone is struck by lightning, the hair on your body will stand up. The static electricity that causes the hair standing up, will soon be coursing through your body. 


When you are struck, you will feel a massive impact. Ten times worse than a punch in the face. Some of those who have been struck by lightning have compared it to what they feel getting hit by a vehicle might feel like. 

You are going to feel a burning sensation. At first, the pain is tolerable and then the intense burning pain, along with the pain from the impact will set it slowly. 

You will be left with unique scaring on your body. These marks are called Lichtenberg figures and you may find them on your arms and legs. These are caused by the mass amount of electricity flowing through your body. 


You will be in a lot of pain. The impact pain will be intense, but the burning pain will overcome the impact pain and cause incredible discomfort. 

You may even lose your clothing. The impact has been known to strip someone of their clothing. Clothing can also light on fire and since the electricity travels through your body, down and out through your feet…one of your shoes could easily have a blow out. 

The impact could also burst your ear drums as the noise of a lightning strike is incredibly loud. 

The lightening could also strike people around you. The electricity is looking or anything it can strike to disperse the energy. So, there are others in close proximity to a strike, they too could be hit. 

Lightning strikes can also lead to permanent seizures as it disrupts your bodies nervous system.


If you are wearing jewelry at the time of a strike. Your jewelry can burn or melt into your skin. The lightening could very well knock you unconscious also. In rare cases, people have had their brains literally fried due to the electricity. 

Finally, your heart could stop. This can either be permanent, or temporary. Odds are in your favor of survival if you do get struck. All these odds are ones that I want to never have to depend on. 

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