This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Doing Drugs (21 Photos)

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Drugs…they are everywhere. They are disgusting, nasty, addictive and hurt not only the people who take them, but those loved ones around them. 

Drugs can cause your mind to fade and your body to weaken and become ill. Drugs take a toll on your physical appearance and often times cause wrinkles, scabs, bruising and many more unwanted attributes. 

Getting off of drugs can be incredibly hard, but once you do…an incredible transformation will happen to your body, mind and spirit. 

Take a look at some of the incredible transformations below of drug users turned sober. 

1. 4-Years Clean From Meth & Heroin 

2. 10-Years Clean From Crystal Meth

3. 8-Months Clean From Heroin

4. 826-Days Clean From Heroin

5. 6-Years Clean From Meth

6. 6-Years Clean From Cocaine And Heroin

7. Over 3-Years Clean And Sober

8. 4-Years and 4-Months Clean

9. 6-Months Clean, Heroin & Meth

10. 6-Years Free Of Opiate Use

11. 1-Year…No Heroin

12. Over A Year…No Drugs…Healthier Foods

13. 5-Months…No Heroin, Cocaine or Ecstasy 

14. 5-Years Clean Of Heroin

15. 1-Year Meth Free

16. 10-Months Free Of Meth Use

17. 90-Days Meth Free

18. 147-Days Clean Of Meth

19. 2-Years Clean

20. 29-Months Clean

21. 4-Years Clean Of Opiates And Heroin 

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