Top Glass Railing Designs for the Staircase and Balcony

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Source: Fab Glass & Mirror

Do you want a new house constructed soon? Or perhaps, even change a few things about your old house? We bet you will love the glass railing ideas for the staircase and balcony. Fretting about the designs? Do not worry, we have that covered too! So, gear up and keep reading, because this is an ultimate guide to top-notch glass stair railing designs.

Types of Glasses used in Glass Railings 

A huge variety of glass types are used as glass stair railings. However, we recommend, use the sturdiest and reliable ones. This is because glass railings can be expensive and fragile if not used in a proper manner.

  • Annealed Glass 

Source: Fab Glass & Mirror

An annealed glass is formed through a long process. It is cooled down gradually. This helps to let go of the stress captured inside. Of course, this process occurs once the glass is formed. Likewise, the glass may remain breakable if it is not cooled gradually. This happens because the internal pressure remains. A temperature-moderated kiln conducts this operation.

Always remember, an un-annealed glass is easily breakable on exposure to slight temperature shifts or collisions. Annealed glass is mostly utilized in window-making. However, an annealed glass is used to make glass stair railings too. Though, an annealed glass can break into sharp fragments. Therefore, an annealed glass requires care, precision, and unwavering effort.

  • Framed Glass Stair Railings 

Source: Fab Glass & Mirror

If you are going bonkers thinking about which kind of glass stair railing is the best, you have the answer. It is none other than a framed glass stair railing. Ever wanted a glass railing that not only looks beautiful but classy and safe too? Fellas, this is it! A framed glass railing means the glass is absolutely safe in a frame. This automatically decreases the chances of the glass from breaking. You can easily see through such a glass railing without worrying about its breakage.

  • Laminated Glass for the Win

Source: Fab Glass & Mirror

The modern world is full of tall buildings and skyscrapers made of glass. Are you wondering how? Well, it is through the use of laminated glass. Laminated glass has a plethora of design alternatives; hence, we truly recommend it. Moreover, laminated glasses have many types. For example, a clear laminated glass, a tinted one or the one with a slight frost. So, you can choose any that you like.

The best thing about a laminated glass is how it prevents falling out even upon breakage. So, if you have little children in your house, this might be the best option. After all, you want to prevent danger as much as possible.

Interior Designers and Architectures Recommendations

Interior Designers and Architectures absolutely recommend the use of laminated glass balcony railing and glass stair railings. Believe us or not, this is one of the best ways to get rid of your old railings. Most interior designers recommend the use of plants placed next to the balcony railing. This gives a unique and fresh look to your terrace. Moreover, architects recommend the use of plain laminated glass for balcony railings as well as glass stair railings. This is because a plain railing means you can see through it easily. Further, it gives a completely clean and fresh look. And would you not love it if your balcony railing does not hinder the beauty of your well-sought house design? So, keep these things in mind while planning for your balcony railing or glass stair railing and you are good to go!

Latest Glass Railing Design for Small Space 

The ideal way to utilize a glass stair railing for a small space is to have framed glass railings. Imagine this! Your small house has wooden stairs and the railings on its side are glass railings with a black frame. Top it up with some photo frames on the stair wall, and Voila! You have an extraordinary staircase in a small space!

Source: Fab Glass & MirroSimilarly, if you want the small space to look huge, the best way is to use a frameless glass stair railing. It makes the area look more spacious and gives it a modern and minimalistic touch. Just be sure to use the right kind of glass, and trust us, this is like gold to glitter in your small but cozy homes.

Is using glass railings safe for the staircase, balcony, and storefront? 

The use of glass railings for staircases, balcony, and storefront is a good option. However, it requires the utmost and absolute care and attention. This is because even the slightest of mistakes can cause breakage or damage in the glass. So, one needs to be extra careful in the mechanical processions of glass railings.

So, glass railings are safe to use with adequate care and attention. After all, glass is used to make skyscrapers and some of the tallest buildings in the world!