Stylish Bathroom Sinks For Compact Spaces

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A bathroom sink and a mirror are the first things a person will notice upon opening the bathroom door. The problem of a small bathroom is often associated with a lack of space for a wash basin. Compact 18 inch bathroom sinks of various styles from the Canadian brand Aquatica will help you solve this problem.

Features and Benefits of Small Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom wash basin is the centerpiece for creating compositions that match the rest of the bathroom interior. The sink should correspond in its design solution to other attributes of the bathroom. The correct organization of the small bathroom space will allow you to use many other necessary accessories for its arrangement.

Before choosing a specific bathroom ware, you need to consider its characteristics and advantages of use. The main advantages of small sinks for the bathroom include:

  • compact size, which allows you to save usable space
  • simple use of the product and easy maintenance
  • the possibility to install a narrow console or cabinet with shelves for storing your belongings under the sink

Combination of Aesthetics and Practicality

The variety of shapes, styles, durability and easy-to-clean materials offered by Aquatica will satisfy any demanding customer request. High-quality materials that meet rigorous standards will ensure you enjoy this purchase for many years to come.

The most popular are small round vessel sinks made of snow-white ceramics with a glossy surface. If you prefer other tones for your interior features, you can pick up 24 inch bathroom sinks that is available in darker shades.

The range includes simple models with clean straight lines in a minimalist style and elegant small vessel sinks with gentle curves that combine aesthetics, tenderness, and practicality. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that the exquisite miniature bathroom sink will harmoniously fit into your interior and make the bathroom space more comfortable.