29 Valuable U.S. Coins You Might Find In Your Pocket

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Some people find coin collecting an interesting pastime while others see it as a boring and useless activity. Pennies have long lost their purchasing power, and they take time to count, organize, and store. For many, coins are just more trouble than they’re worth. However, there are several reasons you might want to take a closer look before you dump a handful of pennies, nickels, and dimes into a tip jar. There are quite a few hard-to-find coins on the market worth a significant premium over face value.
Some of these collectibles are valuable because of their minute distinguishing characteristics, such as hardly visible differences in spacing or size of letters or numbers. Some of these small pieces of history have missing or doubled inscriptions that may be easy to miss if you’re not studying them carefully. There are also those rare special mint sets with their smooth, satin-like finish. If you’re lucky enough to find one of the coins in this list, you might be holding a penny that’s worth a hundred, a thousand, or even a million dollars.
Go ahead, reach into your pocket or check your coin jar, cross your fingers, and see if you stumbled upon a hidden treasure.