30 Greatest American Presidents Ranked by Historians

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Most of us can only judge how great a President is if we have experienced their actual service in office. But historians have a way to determine the greatness of a President based on several factors we regular folks may not be familiar with. However, let it be understood that greatness by no means equates to the most popular or beloved, or the most intelligent. But it may be considered contributing factors as well.
Throughout American history, there have been many exceptional deeds Presidents have done, but being great is more than that, historians have identified certain factors which make a great President, namely; crisis leadership, economic management, public persuasion, international relations, vision, and administrative skills, among the top criteria. To quote Mario Puzo, author of the bestseller novel The Godfather, “Great men are not born great, they grow great.”
So, here is a list of 30 US Presidents ranked in ascending order by historians: