Your Kids Can Now Walk Around In A ‘ShieldPod’ To Help With Social Distancing, While Looking Like A Complete Dork

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There is a new product on the market to help your kids social distance…and it’s super weird. It is basically one step away from encasing your child in a complete bubble.

ShieldPods are not just for adults. There are some made for children as well. If you are worried about your child returning to school, getting a ShieldPod will help them with another layer of added protection. However, you will probably want to invest in a bodyguard for your child as well — because they will no doubt get made fun of. It’s sad — but more than likely quite true.

Under the Weather, the brand making these ShieldPods, decided to start making some for kids once they saw how effective they were for adults in the healthcare profession.

They are currently still waiting on a patent for the new product; however, these new ShieldPods will be available for kids from preschool age up to 10 years old.

Some kids think they are cool, while others mentioned they feel claustrophobic and look like a complete dork.

Cool kid turned dork after tossing on a ShieldPod

These ShieldPods come with adjustable straps along with 270 degrees worth of clear plastic so they can still see entirely around them. You can find these mini pods in either pink, black or blue. These pods will help to protect your child against COVID-19 along with other diseases. They even work great for rainstorms or other unpleasant weather conditions.

You can find these mini ShieldPods at Under the Weather. They come to be around $80.