Woman Shows How She Avoids Paying Over $100 Checked-Bag Fee While Flying

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When it comes to flying, the extra fees can really add up. One of the biggest fees an airline throws out at customers is the checked-bag fee. Most airlines charge $50 to $150 to check a back underneath the plane. But Faith Collins, a TikTok user doesn’t want to pay those crazy fees, instead, she ships her luggage to the destination for much cheaper.

“Let’s see how much it costs to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 to Spirit Airlines,” Faith shared on TikTok.

Faith packaged up all of her luggage into a box and decided to ship it from Colorado to her vacation destination in Florida. Spirit Airlines was going to charge her $150 to check the luggage that she was packing up.

All said and done, it only cost Faith $34 to ship her luggage to her vacation destination. A savings of $116.

People didn’t believe Faith when she first shared a video of her airline luggage hack, she posted another video where she called the airline, so that people could see that she was telling the truth about the calculations she had made. I” ain’t lyin over here,” the clip was captioned.

For those of you who may think it was cheaper than $150 to check her bag with Spirit Airlines, Faith went ahead and made a video of her calling the airline and requested the cost to add a bag to her flight.


Replying to @kierankerrigannn I ain’t lyin over here.

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