10 Of The Coolest Lunch Boxes Throughout The Years

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The style of lunchboxes has surely changed over the years. Have they become cooler? Well, not really. In fact, lunchboxes today are quite lame.

Back in the day you could get a lunchbox that featured some of your favorite TV shows, movies, musical acts and fictional characters. They even came equipped with a thermos! Now a days, many are just made from funky designed fabric and filled with plastic dividers and tupperware…eew!

Check out how lunchboxes have changed over the years below!

1. 1880s Tobacco Box

Mill workers and coal miners would carry with them to work each day in the late nineteenth century.


2. First Ever Cartoon Lunchbox: Mickey Mouse

It wasn’t until 1935, when Mickey Mouse got his first starring appearance on a lunchbox, that the first pop-culture figure was depicted on a lunchbox.


3. The Lone Ranger

Released in 1954, this Lone Ranger cowboy-themed lunchbox reflected one of the most popular cartoons of its era.


4. 1957 Red Barn

The rounded top of the red barn lunchbox that would be rereleased over the next decade, looks more similar to the classic worker pales and lunchboxes carried to factories and mines in the 1920s, only with a colorful barn scene added.


5. Snoopy Goes to School


This matching Snoopy box and thermos provided the perfect way to transport both food and drink away from home during the 1950’s.lunchbox5

6. Lunching with the Beatles

No pop culture discussion would be complete without mention of The Beatles, and lunchboxes are no exception — seen here is a box from the 1960s, bearing the famous foursome’s images.


7. 1962 Barbie

Barbie was released in 1957 and immediately became a pop-culture icon as one of the most advertised toys on the market. This black, vinyl lunchbox by Thermos marks a slight deviation from metal lunchboxes that dominated this era.


8. 1980s From Metal to Plastic

It wasn’t until molded plastic in the 1980s that lunchboxes saw a major redesign. The classic metal designs remained, but the hard plastic boxes with plastic thermoses became increasingly popular.


9. Cowabunga, Dude

One of the most iconic boxes of the 1990s bears a classic image of the beloved cartoon show “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”


10. Lunch gets modernized…Eww

Today, much of the focus of commercial products is on efficiency and practicality — this simple lunchbox highlights this trend, keeping the entertainment value low, but the efficiency level high.



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