Marley The ‘Puppy Cat’ Walks On A Leash, Sits, Shakes, Rides In A Car & Even Swings

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This has to be on of the best animal stories we have come across in a long while.

Meet Marley, A puppy cat from Indiana.

Marley’s owner Stephen Miller says 14-year-old Marley has always acted like a dog. Marley comes when called, sits for treats, and likes to go on walks to the park on his leash. Marley loves riding in the front seat of the car and even swinging on the playground swing set. Yes, Marley is the greatest cat of all time. Wait until you see Marley on the swings, he is the happiest cat on earth!

This cat is so calm, cool and collected it really made us smile when we first saw him. Just looking at Marley’s eyes in the video, you can tell that this is one special, smart feline.


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