300-Year-Old Preserved Body Of A Child Saint Opens Her Eyes In Chilling Video

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The story of Santa Inocencia, a.k.a St. Innocence, is one that dates back 300-years-ago.

Legend has it that Santa Inocencia’s father banned her, a young Roman girl, from practicing Catholicism. In an act of defiance, the girl secretly befriended a nun and joined the Catholic church.


She took her Holy Communion and returned home — and that’s when her own father stabbed her to death in an act of fury. The horrifying murder was considered one of the first persecutions against the Catholic faith. In turn, Santa Inocenci became a martyr.

The remains of Santa Inocencia were eventually transferred to the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Mexico and certified as a relic. Dressed in a white ceremonial gown, the corpse has been preserved in wax and placed in a glass box.


To this day, tourists flock to the Cathedral to visit St. Innocence.

Recently, a tourist was standing in front of the corpse when he caught a chilling moment on video that’s taking the internet by storm.

In a terrifying viral video, a tourist claims to have caught Santa Inocencia looking straight into the camera and blinking her eyes.


This is about as creepy as it gets folks!


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