Remember The Cop Who Threw A 15-Year-Old Girl To The Ground Last Year? A Verdict Is In…

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Remember ‘former’ officer Eric Casebolt? You know, the yahoo cop who slammed teenager Dajerria Becton to the ground when responding to a disturbance last year, among other things…

If you forgot, check out the video below for a refresher…also…below that is a video we put together of Casebolt’s viral ‘barrel roll’, set to the Beastie Boy’s tune Sabotage!

A verdict is in on whether or not Casebolt will be punished for his actions…and it really isn’t very satisfying.

He won’t face any charges at all even though he did end up leaving the force. According to his lawyer, his actions that fateful day were because he’d responded to two suicide calls earlier that day and was stressed and emotional, but even then it’s not a free pass. Well, I guess it is….



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