Dog Absolutely Loses It After Finding Out He’s At The Pet Store

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Do you remember the surge of pure joy the washed over you every time you went to a toy store as a child? The same can be said for dogs too…except their toy store is the local pet store!

According to the pups owner in the video below, Captain the Pug loves Petsmart more than anything! After the owner tells Captain where they are going, the pug reacts in the most unlikely, yet adorable way imaginable!

From sitting calmly on his tail in the front seat, seat belt fastened, Captain transforms into the most excited little human you can think of! When his owner informs him “Hey buddy, we’re at PetSmart”, the pooch perks up in an instant and starts barking with anticipation!

When he notices the PetSmart logo from the car window, he turns from barking to excited howling. At times, we swear we can hear him say “I love you”. Just look at the face he is making. Say what you want, but I think Captain even pulled off a smile!