Amazing Image Of Unborn Baby At 18 Weeks Is Called The Photograph Of The Century

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Credit: Lennart Nilsson

The image of an 18-week unborn baby from Life magazine’s stunning 1965 photo-spread is being coined as the photograph of the century.

The incredible photograph was taken by Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson and published in the April 1965 edition of Life under the title “Drama of Life Before Birth.” That issue became the “fastest-selling copy” of the magazine in the history of its publication, according to the report.

Credit: Lennart Nilsson

The photo is one of several showing unborn babies in the famous magazine layout. They were published at a time when the abortion debate was beginning heat up and ultrasound technology was still extremely limited.

Nilsson’s photos captured the humanity of unborn babies in amazing detail, in both black and white and color.

Credit: Lennart Nilsson

A quick Google search of Lennart Nilsson photography provides a slew of amazing photos!