5 Pet Art Sites To Immortalize Your Dog

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Millions of people in the US own pets, and we often see our pets as our best friends and as beloved members of our family. The number of US households owning pets is increasing. So it’s little surprise that so many people are choosing to immortalize and remember their pets. Taking pictures of pets is fairly common, and most pet owners will take loads of pictures of their pets throughout their lives. Custom pet portraits are also growing in popularity as a way of remembering our pets.


Over the last few years, pet owners have found another way to create lasting memories with their pets. Pet portrait sites will take any pet photo you have and use it to paint a truly original piece of art for you to display in your home or give as a gift. Losing your pet is hard, but having a custom pet portrait made is a great way to immortalize them and gives you something to remember them by. If your friend or a family member has recently lost their pet, a pet portrait also makes an excellent gift to help get them smiling again.


Below are some of the best pet art sites, which all offer custom portrait designs based on your pet’s photo.


I Love Paws

ILovePaws.com is one of the top pet art sites offering custom portraits of your dog, cat, or any other kind of pet. All you need is to supply a photo of your pet and choose the customization options you want. Your portrait will be ready within three to four working days, offering a quick turnaround compared to some other sites. You can see a preview of how the portrait will look before you decide on the final options. So you can pick the perfect features and colors for your portrait. You also get unlimited revisions so that you can make changes to the portrait, and it’s only finished when you’re happy with it.



Etsy isn’t specifically about pet portraits, but there are lots of sellers there that do produce custom pet art. The site is a place for artists to sell their art, and you can find plenty of great artists who specialize in pets. While the level of art can vary, you can find some truly fantastic artists who work in all kinds of different mediums. Whatever style of pet portrait you’re looking for, you can find the perfect piece for you and your pet on the site. Just be sure to provide the exact specifications you’d like to your artist. As long as you’re clear on what you want, you should be able to receive a stunning piece of art.



CanvasPop works exclusively on canvas to bring you the best traditional pet portraits that will look great hanging in your home. Choose the size of your canvas from the available options and select the photo of your pet that you’d like to use. You can even buy frames from the site, letting you pick the best frame that goes with the portrait and helping it to stand out. CanvasPop has relatively quick turnaround times. There are a lot of different personalized options that you can add to make your pet’s portrait more unique.


Paint Your Life

Paint Your Life employs lots of different artists who each have a different style so you can choose the style that suits you and your pet best. Provide your photo of your pet and include details about the medium and style you’d like. The site then pairs you with the artist who will suit your expectations the best. If there’s something about the picture you’d like changed, you can even request them to make changes from the original source. For instance, removing or changing the background or other tweaks to make a better portrait. Every one of Paint Your Life’s portraits is unique. The site’s artists really understand how to capture the character of the pet they’re painting.


Splendid Beast

Splendid Beast provides a more unique option to the other pet portrait services on our list. You can choose from lots of different templates to add your pet’s face to various human bodies, creating an eccentric yet hilarious image. While some might prefer a more serious portrait, these portraits are perfect for those who want to celebrate how their pet made them laugh. They also provide an interesting and unique piece of art to display in their home.