Keep Ticks Off You And Your Pets With This Homemade DIY Tick Repellent

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Lets face it…no one likes ticks. Ticks are the vampires of the woods and will suck you dry if given the opportunity…all the while…spreading disease.

It wasn’t that long ago that the tick population was tiny. One could go out in the woods all summer long and maybe find one tick on them, if that, the entire season. Now, you are hard pressed to walk through a field or even your backyard without getting a tick on you.

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So how do you protect yourself from ticks? There are many ways and below we will show you how to make a super simple DIY repellent that works wonders!

This simple mixture is used by hunters and many swear by it!

What you need:

  • 2-ounces Tea Tree oil
  • 4-ounces water
  • Small spray bottle

Mix the water and oil…and spray your clothing and body down! It’s that easy! This mixture has been around for a while and you will be glad you mixed some up the next time you are own in the tick invested woods! 

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Mix up a larger quantity and spray areas of your yard where tick might frequent…this will help keep they away!

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