The Most Genius Way To Shut Down People Who Ask For Dirty Pictures Via Social Media!

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One woman devised an absolutely genius plan to thwart off those disgusting trolling men who kept on asking her for dirty pictures of herself. I mean, this idea was so genius that it truly should be used by all woman. Not only does it mess with the mind of these idiotic, dirty men…it frustrated them to know end and really, really confuses them!

Before we get to the genius trick however, lets go over a few common ways women can really mess with the minds of dirty trolling men…(and women).

The old “below the belt trick” – It really sends a clear message!



The always fun “put a bra on your knees” trick! 


…and finally…the most genius trick of all…the “send a picture of a loading symbol” trick! Guaranteed to really mess with their minds!


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