‘Easy As Pie’ American Pie Lyrics Sell For 1.2 Million At Christie’s Auction!

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The lyrics to the famed Don McLean song, one of the most argued-about and dissected songs in pop music, sold for $1.2 million at an auction held by Christie’s.

That isn’t a bad chunk of change for few iconic words written on a piece of paper…well 16 pages actually.

McLean explained that it was just time to sell the song.  McLean is 70 years old, he has a wife, two children and he wanted to get them the most he could from the song.  It is rumored that McLean refused to give the lyrics to the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame.  Reason being, the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame didn’t want McLean, they just wanted his lyrics and if they didn’t want him, they don’t get the lyrics.  I must say, you have to admire the guy there.

All in all, it is a song that hundreds of millions of people know the words to, it has been dissected for many years as to what the lyrics mean, it is an iconic piece of #music and well worth every penny in our opinion.