Farting In Front Of A Partner Leads To A Stronger And Healthier Relationship

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If you ever felt the desire to let one rip in front of your partner, but decided to hold it in and let it out slowly and silently — you may be putting your relationship in jeopardy. At least that’s the conclusion of one study done on tooting and relationships.

Study confirms that farting in front of  your partner, leads to a stronger and healthier relationship!

Relationship guru Cynthia Powell claims that couples who ‘get over’ the initial embarrassment of breaking wind in front of each other early in a relationship are more likely to stay together and live healthier lives.

The controversial New York-based relationship expert Powell made the claim during an interview on the influential Irish Late Late TV chat show.

Powell mainly offers relationship advice to the wealthy, but you don’t have to have a large bankroll to take this advice!

Once couples get over the initial embarrassment of farting in front of a new partner, it seems to open up a whole new period of openness, honesty and trust.

Powell may not hold any sort of medical degree, but she is a genius when it comes to relationships! She’s pretty funny too!

Ok, so I’m no gastrointestinal expert but I imagine lying in bed for a few hours and after indulging in marathon horizontal jogging — as all new couples do, must surely get the gases bubbling. And as they say, in a relationship you should never bottle anything up.

Her theory makes perfect sense. All humans fart, so why not fart with the one you love most?!?

So the next time you feel the need to let the wind blow — go ahead and toot away! Laugh, Love, Toot!