Key Features Of Data Harvesting Software Use

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Key Features of Data Harvesting Software Use

Businesses worldwide are increasingly actively using online information to improve their productivity. At the same time, reports that about 5.42 bln web pages are on the internet as of September 2023. Thus, it’s incredibly hard to find the necessary online info nowadays manually. That’s why business owners employ data harvesting software when seeking the needed information on the web. So, let’s clarify the key peculiarities of such applications.

Main Benefits of Data Harvesting Apps


Such bots allow you to deal with large amounts of online information extremely quickly. For example, the volume of info that would be processed manually for several days by an entire analytical team can be handled by web scraping software in several minutes. That’s fair only if a data collection application is made and customized by experienced developers from trustworthy IT companies (such as Nannostomus), though.

Great Scalability Possibilities

Data harvesting software power may be easily and quickly scaled if a corporate load sharply increases. So, the mentioned apps are especially useful for companies that face seasonal surges or excel at extremely fast development.

Data Harvesting Applications Are Versatile

Such apps are easy to customize. Therefore, you can employ the same web scraping software as part of different marketing and analytical campaigns. Moreover, the described bots may be set to extract various types of content (texts, graphics, etc.). Also, data harvesting apps are able to collect info from different web page kinds, for example, the following ones:

  • those having the infinite scrolling feature;
  • pages with hidden information (where you should click a corresponding button to open the whole article, presentation, etc.);
  • dynamic web pages (with constantly changing content).

You may use web scraping software to collect information from blogs, social media, large marketplaces, online portals, and many other types of online platforms.

Data Harvesting Applications Are Cost-Effective

Typically, credible developers offer the services of web scraping app creation at favorable prices. Experts don’t recommend cooperating with IT agencies that suggest development assistants at too low a cost, though. The point is that making a qualitative data extraction bot takes quite a lot of time and effort. Thus, the mentioned software can’t be excessively cheap.

Furthermore, data harvesting applications don’t require expensive maintenance. At the same time, a high-quality web scraping bot can replace a whole analytical department. So, you may essentially reduce your corporate expenses using such software.

Is Harvesting Data Legal?


Definitely, yes, but as long as you follow local legislature and international regulations on privacy protection. Generally, one shouldn’t collect personal info. The latter implies the following:

  • ID details, insurance numbers, etc.;
  • addresses as well as personal contacts;
  • religious convictions, political preferences, and so on;
  • private photos as well as videos.

Finally, you shouldn’t use scraped information for humiliation, harassment, blackmailing, etc. You may get further details on this subject from

Some More Words


Data harvesting software is a perfect tool for those who want to improve the efficiency of their companies. That’s because web scraping apps allow for reducing corporate spending, making accurate forecasts, dealing with a sharply increased analytical load, and many more. You, however, should adhere to current local as well as international laws when collecting online info. Otherwise, one may be penalized.