This Flower Math Problem So Hard People Think It Can’t Be Solved

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The Flower Math Problem is unsolvable because you have to make assumptions and assuming value in math is not how we do math correctly.

We are suppose to count the petals which leads us to a total of 25…simple answer but not totally correct.  We have to take the entire Flower into consideration, don’t forget about the stem, does this not hold any value?  When you start assuming the value of things in a math equations things get a little sticky.

We could assume that a flower is valued at the sum of its petals, stem, and leaves and also assume* that all petals, stems and leaves have the same value from flower to flower. The leads us to three equations in 3 unknowns, with P representing the value of a petal, S representing the value of a stem, and L representing the value of a leaf:

36P + 3S + 3L = 60
22P + 3S + 3L  = 30
21P – 1S  – 3L = 3

Now we need to find the value of 24P + 3S + 4L

If we subtract the second equation from the first, we get 14P = 30, or P = 15/7 …..nobody likes this answer.

The fun answer is 25

The real answer is unknown.


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